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Top 21 Summer Recipes that the Whole Family Will Love!

Summer Recipes: Summer is finally here! And with the summer here, you know what that means… hot days are back! And when these hot days hit, what we want to cook changes too. We want to cook things on the grill, make cold recipes, or something that is quick and easy!

These twenty-one recipes are PERFECT for those hot summer days. Here, we have a great mix or main dishes, sides, dessert, and drinks! There is something here for everyone, plus your kids are bound to like something from this list.

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Coleslaw Orzo Salad- Summer Recipes

Photo Credit: Babaganosh

This Coleslaw Orzo Salad will be a huge hit at your next family summer gettogether! My personal favorite thing about this recipe is the almonds for that great crunch,m and the cranberries for the little bit of sweetness!

Check out the recipe here by Babaganosh

Instant Pot Barbecue Chicken Pineapple Sliders

Photo Credit: Moosh Jenne

Nothing says summer better than barbecue and pineapple! These two flavors just scream summer food to me! But sometimes making barbecue can take a long time. Well here is an awesome recipe that goes right in the Instant Pot and only cooks for 25 minutes!

Check out the recipe here by Moosh Jenne

Campfire Pizza

Photo Credit: Take Them Outside

Who doesn’t love pizza? I think I can safely say that most of the world’s population loves pizza! This recipe is a great way to make pizza more summery! Best part is that you can use any toppings that you and your family love!

Check out the recipe here from Take Them Outside

Honey Ginger Limeade

Photo Credit: Babaganosh

Are you looking for a great summery drink to cool you down, but want something different than the typical lemonade? Well then try this Honey Ginger Limeade!

Check out the recipe here from Babaganosh

Cherry Chicken Pasta Salad

Photo Credit: Stef’s Eats and Sweets

I love the twist of adding the cherries to this chicken pasta salad! That for sure makes this yummy recipe feel more summery! Also, with just a few ingredients- this summer recipe will be done and on your table in no time.

Check out the recipe here from Stef’s Eats and Sweets.

Blueberry Iced Tea

Photo Credit: Peel with Zeal

What a great summer twist on an already classic drink! This Blueberry Iced Tea will for sure have your kids asking for seconds! It’s easy to prepare in advance, which makes it perfect for your next barbeque!

Check out the recipe here from Peel with Zeal

Grilled French Fries- Summer Recipes

Photo Credit: Drugstore Divas

French fries that you can make on your grill? Sign me up! French fries are another classic food that most people love! But this recipe brings these french fries to a whole other summery level!

Check out the recipe here from Drugstore Divas

Grilled Lemon Rosemary Chicken

Photo Credit: Snappy Gourmet

Cooking on the grill just makes everything taste more summery! And combine that with lemon, you have a summer diner winner!

Check out this recipe here from Snappy Gourmet

Watermelon Mint Lemonade

Photo Credit: Herb Gardening Info

How pretty is this drink? Not only is it pretty, but it is also incredibly refreshing on a hot summer day! A great thing about this recipe is that you can make it as sweet or as tart as you like! It’s up to you!

Check out the recipe here from Her Gardening Info

Banana Split Grilled Dessert Nachos

Summer recipes
Photo Credit: Two Healthy Kitchens

A dessert that is delicious… and healthy?!? Count me in! Not only is this dessert delicious and healthy, but it also captures the flavors of a banana split, which is perfect for those summer days! My son loves this Summer recipes!

Check out this recipe here from Two Healthy Kitchens

Vegan Italian Pasta Salad

Summer recipes
Photo Credit: Strength and Sunshine

Sometimes in the summer, you just don’t want to grill or cook, because it’s just too hot out. That’s where this Cold Italian Pasta Salad comes in! This pasta salad is also vegan. It’s healthy, delicious, and such a great summer meal.

Check out the recipe here from Strength and Sunshine

BBQ Grilled Chicken Nachos- Summer Recipes

Summer recipes
Photo Credit: Fearless Dining

You really can’t go wrong with nachos. They are easy to make, everyone loves them, and they are great to make for a crowd! Here is a great summery twist on this classic food.

Check out the recipe here from Fearless Dining


Summer recipes
Photo Credit: Puravida Moms

This meal checks off all of my summertime cooking checklist: It’s easy to make, its cheap, and it leaves you with little mess to clean up! Also, it has a great combination of flavors that are just amazing!

Check out the recipe here from Puravida Moms

Vegan Corn on the Cob with Parsley, Chives, and Tahini

Summer recipes
Photo Credit VeEat Cook Bake

Probably one of my favorite recipes on this Summer recipes list! Nothing says summer like corn on the cob, but sometimes you want to take it up a notch. Well, this recipe for sure does that! This corn on the cob will for sure be a great treat at your next BBQ.

Check the recipe out at VE Eat Cook Bake

Watermelon Strawbery Popsicles

Summer recipes
Photo Credit: Maple and Mango

If you didn’t have a popsicle this summer, was it really even summer? I don’t think so! What I love about this recipe is that it is healthy and easy to make! With only 4 ingredients, you will be making these popsicles all summer long!

Check out the recipe here from Maple and Mango

Juicy Hamburger Burger- Summer Recipes

Summer recipes
Photo Credit: Wholesome Yum

We can’t have a summer recipe list without having hamburgers on it! And these burgers can be made on the grill or in the oven. There are also two secret ingredients in these burgers that make them super juicy!

Check out the recipe from Wholesome Yum here


Summer recipes
Photo Credit: Food Meanderings

Baking thigs in foil is just so easy! It is also really helpful because there is less mess to clean (a huge win in my book). Also, the added onion flavor to these potatoes is just amazing!

Check out the recipe from Food Meanderings here

Snickers Caramel Apple Salad

Summer recipes
Photo Credit: Bitz and Giggles

Want to wow your guest at your next BBQ? Then you need to make this Snickers Caramel Apple Salad! This dessert will have your guest begging for the recipe!

Check out the recipe from Blitz and Giggles here

Easy Turkey Kebabs

Summer recipes
Photo Credit: Where is My Spoon

Kebabs are always a great choice for any summer BBQ. But these Turkey Kebabs are healthier, and the flavor is amazing!

Check out the recipe from Where is My Spoon here

No-Bake Banana Pudding Twinkie Cake

Summer recipes
Photo Credit: Call Me PMC

Some summer days, it’s just too hot to bake! And this No-Bake Banana Pudding Twinkie Cake is perfect for that! This yummy treat is also a great recipe for the kids to help out with!

Check out this recipe from Call Me PMC here

Easy and Elegant Freezer-Box Eclair Cake- Summer Recipes

Summer recipes
Photo Credit: Love These Recipes

Now to end this Summer recipes list with this Easy and Elegant Freezer-Box Eclair Cake looks a lot harder then it actually is! You will be sure to impress everyone at your next summer gathering!

Check out the recipe from Love These Recipes here

So what did you think? Are you going to make any of these Summer recipes? If you do, let me know in the comments down below!

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